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Books about Cued Speech

The Cued Speech Resource Book for Parents of Deaf Children (December 1992)

Authored by Dr. R. Orin Cornett and Mary Elsie Daisey

This was co-written by Dr. Cornett who devised Cued Speech, and is available to purchase here.

Cued Speech and Cued Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children (March 2010)

Edited by Carol LaSasso, PhD, Kelly Lamar Crain, PhD, Jacqueline Leybaert, PhD

This book, available here, has forty two international contributors (including 25 professors or assistant or associate professors) and draws on twenty years of international research. Ruth Campbell, Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus, Department of Cognitive, Perceptual and Brain Sciences Division of Psychology and Language Sciences University College London) writes in her Foreword to the book:

The importance of Cued Speech is that it opens up the world of spoken language to the deaf child in a clear and simple way, from the outset. This has, as Cornett envisioned, the potential to allow a form of the traditionally spoken language to develop naturally in a deaf child, via a communication modality that the child and the child’s caregiver can use easily, fluently, and collaboratively.

Noel McPherson of Plural Publishing has generously offered Cued Speech Association UK members a discount on the purchase price of £70.00. Noel writes: I’d be happy to offer your members 20% exclusively plus P&P at cost. Please contact him at: 49 Bath Street, Abingdon, OX14 1EA. Tel 01235 527311

You can also read a short summary of the book by clicking here.

Me to You – Let’s Cue

Authored by Carly Simpson

Freelance tutor, Carly Simpson, has published a wonderful new book, taking the alphabet and some simple words and using visual aids to help children start their education in cueing. The book is visually arresting, easy to understand and a really good starting point to help you learn to cue simple words. The book is available in paperback, hardback and eBook, and can be found by following this link.

Cued Speech


Authored by Sheila Skillings

Originally written for children by experienced cuer and teacher of the deaf, Sheila Skillings, this booklet is clear and concise. It is useful for all students and prospective cuers of any age. Softback, 76 pages. Special charity price: £6.00 (incl. p&p). Contact us to purchase your copy.

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