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What are my choices?

What are my Choices?

What is communication? 

Very basically it is a signal from one person to another which may indicate a thought or a feeling.  This can be done in several ways 

Non Verbal communication 

Touch, eye gaze, facial expression, scent, body language and position, gesture, signs.  These are non-verbal forms of communication.  But language is the skill which sets us apart from any other earthly living being.   

Verbal communication 

Language can be shared through spoken language, or written language. 

  • English Language (or any language) is the language of sound which can be spoken cued.  We ‘acquire’ language as babies, that means it ‘soaks in.’ 

  • Written English has 26 letters to convey the sounds in each word.  The letters are a translation of sound.  Humans have to ‘learn’ to read. 

  • Learning to Lip Read  using cued speech.  This uses visual ‘cues’ to help the receiver to recognise the lip patterns accurately.  Without cues (or clues) a person can only accurately lip-read 30% of what they see.   

Visual or manual language (using hands) such as - 

  • Cued Speech   

  • British Sign Language 

Invented signing systems such as - 

  • Sign supported language, Makaton, baby sign 

  • Supporting and assisting deaf communication. 

Using technology:

  • Hearing Aids and Hearing Technology 

  • Cochlear Implants 

  • Advanced technology

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Find out how we support the parents of a deaf child.


Learn and be able to apply your understanding of how  to cue to any word that you wish.

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